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Shapinshay, Orkney, Scotland



Matches 1 to 40 of 40

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Baillie, Jessie A B  Abt 1846Shapinshay, Orkney, Scotland I4467
2 Drever, Cecilia  25 Jun 1780Shapinshay, Orkney, Scotland I3909
3 Frisken, Adam  08 May 1867Shapinshay, Orkney, Scotland I577
4 Frisken, Agnes  20 Mar 1857Shapinshay, Orkney, Scotland I4924
5 Frisken, Agnes Brown  06 Apr 1845Shapinshay, Orkney, Scotland I903
6 Frisken, Annie Barbara  02 Feb 1869Shapinshay, Orkney, Scotland I967
7 Frisken, Catherine  03 Dec 1849Shapinshay, Orkney, Scotland I2685
8 Frisken, David Balfour  22 May 1852Shapinshay, Orkney, Scotland I894
9 Frisken, David Edmonton  13 Jul 1862Shapinshay, Orkney, Scotland I963
10 Frisken, Eleanor Balfour  27 Jul 1847Shapinshay, Orkney, Scotland I904
11 Frisken, George  06 Jul 1860Shapinshay, Orkney, Scotland I4947
12 Frisken, George Harcus  12 Nov 1863Shapinshay, Orkney, Scotland I962
13 Frisken, James Harcus  24 Nov 1865Shapinshay, Orkney, Scotland I961
14 Frisken, Margaret Laughton  18 Apr 1862Shapinshay, Orkney, Scotland I2077
15 Frisken, Robert  05 Dec 1854Shapinshay, Orkney, Scotland I2009
16 Fullarton, Agnes Frisken  09 Mar 1862Shapinshay, Orkney, Scotland I4233
17 Heddle, Isabella  Abt 1811Shapinshay, Orkney, Scotland I714
18 Liddle, Andrew  1823Shapinshay, Orkney, Scotland I2344
19 Liddle, James  Abt 1849Shapinshay, Orkney, Scotland I3123
20 Liddle, John  Abt 1847Shapinshay, Orkney, Scotland I4361
21 Liddle, William  Abt 1845Shapinshay, Orkney, Scotland I2339
22 Shearer, Margaret  Abt 1821Shapinshay, Orkney, Scotland I2343
23 Skea, David Scott  20 Apr 1850Shapinshay, Orkney, Scotland I502
24 Skea, Eliza  Abt 1882Shapinshay, Orkney, Scotland I48
25 Skea, Isabella Ramsay  05 May 1844Shapinshay, Orkney, Scotland I3195
26 Skea, James  Abt 1889Shapinshay, Orkney, Scotland I3307
27 Skea, John  09 Feb 1880Shapinshay, Orkney, Scotland I2917
28 Skea, Margaret Irvine  02 Sep 1831Shapinshay, Orkney, Scotland I1695
29 Skea, Peter  Abt 1889Shapinshay, Orkney, Scotland I50
30 Smith, Margaret  Abt 1822Shapinshay, Orkney, Scotland I3918
31 Stevenson, Margaret  Abt 1844Shapinshay, Orkney, Scotland I2919
32 Stevenson, William  Abt 1847Shapinshay, Orkney, Scotland I1596
33 Williamson, Elizabeth  Abt 1806Shapinshay, Orkney, Scotland I3053
34 Work, Agnes Elliot  24 Mar 1863Shapinshay, Orkney, Scotland I1495
35 Work, Elizabeth  Abt 1842Shapinshay, Orkney, Scotland I2641
36 Work, James  29 Aug 1838Shapinshay, Orkney, Scotland I1494
37 Work, John  Abt 1796Shapinshay, Orkney, Scotland I3054
38 Work, John  13 Jan 1865Shapinshay, Orkney, Scotland I1488
39 Work, John  Abt 1900Shapinshay, Orkney, Scotland I410
40 Work, Mary  Abt 1847Shapinshay, Orkney, Scotland I3049


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Elliot, Agnes  24 Feb 1870Shapinshay, Orkney, Scotland I4006
2 Frisken, George  24 Mar 1867Shapinshay, Orkney, Scotland I4009


Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 Frisken, Agnes Brown  27 Jul 1845Shapinshay, Orkney, Scotland I903
2 Frisken, Catherine  12 Mar 1850Shapinshay, Orkney, Scotland I2685
3 Skea, Margaret Irvine  01 Jan 1832Shapinshay, Orkney, Scotland I1695
4 Stevenson, John  13 Feb 1843Shapinshay, Orkney, Scotland I820


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Frisken, David Edmonton  13 Jul 1862Shapinshay, Orkney, Scotland I963
2 Frisken, David Edmonton  13 Jul 1862Shapinshay, Orkney, Scotland I963
3 Frisken, David Edmonton  12 Jul 1864Shapinshay, Orkney, Scotland I963


Matches 1 to 43 of 43

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Elliot, Agnes  1851Shapinshay, Orkney, Scotland I4006
2 Elliot, Agnes  1861Shapinshay, Orkney, Scotland I4006
3 Foubister, Margaret  1851Shapinshay, Orkney, Scotland I3884
4 Frisken, Adam  1851Shapinshay, Orkney, Scotland I1150
5 Frisken, Adam  1861Shapinshay, Orkney, Scotland I1150
6 Frisken, Agnes  1861Shapinshay, Orkney, Scotland I3502
7 Frisken, Agnes Brown  1851Shapinshay, Orkney, Scotland I903
8 Frisken, Alexander  1851Shapinshay, Orkney, Scotland I902
9 Frisken, Catherine  1851Shapinshay, Orkney, Scotland I2685
10 Frisken, Catherine  1861Shapinshay, Orkney, Scotland I3679
11 Frisken, Eleanor Balfour  1851Shapinshay, Orkney, Scotland I904
12 Frisken, George  1851Shapinshay, Orkney, Scotland I4009
13 Frisken, George  1851Shapinshay, Orkney, Scotland I4802
14 Frisken, George  1861Shapinshay, Orkney, Scotland I4009
15 Frisken, George  1861Shapinshay, Orkney, Scotland I4947
16 Frisken, Grace Elizabeth Mary  1851Shapinshay, Orkney, Scotland I899
17 Frisken, Helen  1861Shapinshay, Orkney, Scotland I1783
18 Frisken, Isabella  1851Shapinshay, Orkney, Scotland I900
19 Frisken, Isabella  1861Shapinshay, Orkney, Scotland I2309
20 Frisken, Isabella  1871Shapinshay, Orkney, Scotland I900
21 Frisken, Sarah Barbara  1851Shapinshay, Orkney, Scotland I4007
22 Frisken, Sarah Barbara  1861Shapinshay, Orkney, Scotland I4007
23 Frisken, William  1861Shapinshay, Orkney, Scotland I1615
24 Skea, John  1851Shapinshay, Orkney, Scotland I1764
25 Skea, John  1851Shapinshay, Orkney, Scotland I3754
26 Skea, Margaret Irvine  1851Shapinshay, Orkney, Scotland I1695
27 Skea, Margaret Irvine  1861Shapinshay, Orkney, Scotland I1695
28 Stevenson, John  1851Shapinshay, Orkney, Scotland I820
29 Stevenson, John  1861Shapinshay, Orkney, Scotland I820
30 Stevenson, Margaret  1851Shapinshay, Orkney, Scotland I2919
31 Stevenson, Robert  1851Shapinshay, Orkney, Scotland I344
32 Stevenson, William  1851Shapinshay, Orkney, Scotland I1596
33 Sutherland, Elizabeth  1861Shapinshay, Orkney, Scotland I4205
34 Sutherland, Elizabeth  1871Shapinshay, Orkney, Scotland I4205
35 Velzian, Jessie Ann  1901Shapinshay, Orkney, Scotland I1520
36 Williamson, Elizabeth  1851Shapinshay, Orkney, Scotland I3053
37 Work, Elizabeth  1851Shapinshay, Orkney, Scotland I2641
38 Work, James  1851Shapinshay, Orkney, Scotland I1494
39 Work, James  1861Shapinshay, Orkney, Scotland I1494
40 Work, John  1851Shapinshay, Orkney, Scotland I3054
41 Work, John  1901Shapinshay, Orkney, Scotland I1488
42 Work, John  1901Shapinshay, Orkney, Scotland I410
43 Work, William  1851Shapinshay, Orkney, Scotland I2729


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Frisken / Skea  16 Feb 1860Shapinshay, Orkney, Scotland F442
2 Stevenson / Frisken  03 Jun 1870Shapinshay, Orkney, Scotland F216
3 Work / Frisken  22 May 1862Shapinshay, Orkney, Scotland F413

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