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Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Allan, Alice Carr  17 Feb 1873Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland I3459
2 Allan, Catherine Frisken  24 May 1876Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland I3457
3 Allan, Jane Dearness  15 Sep 1874Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland I2687
4 Bews, Rebecca  Abt 1796Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland I3227
5 Cormack, Elizabeth  08 Jan 1836Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland I2062
6 Cormack, George  31 Jul 1833Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland I641
7 Cormack, Helen  06 Dec 1849Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland I448
8 Cormack, Isabella  Abt 1832Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland I2762
9 Cormack, James  14 May 1826Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland I2279
10 Cormack, Jean  13 May 1828Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland I89
11 Cormack, John  04 Mar 1841Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland I205
12 Cormack, Robert  28 Apr 1844Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland I4704
13 Cormack, William  1822Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland I1442
14 Cormack, William  18 Jan 1854Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland I575
15 Dearness, Barbara  14 Feb 1838Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland I227
16 Flett, Elizabeth  Abt 1849Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland I3113
17 Flett, John  Abt 1776Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland I142
18 Flett, John  Abt 1851Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland I3592
19 Flett, Margaret  1846Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland I4326
20 Flett, William  Abt 1839Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland I3115
21 Frisken, Adam  17 Dec 1877Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland I4676
22 Frisken, Agnes  21 Apr 1876Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland I958
23 Frisken, Alexander McLennan  22 Dec 1876Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland I1168
24 Frisken, Alice  20 Oct 1869Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland I2971
25 Frisken, Alice  01 Nov 1889Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland I4539
26 Frisken, Catherine  06 Mar 1859Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland I2010
27 Frisken, Elizabeth  29 Nov 1871Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland I2044
28 Frisken, George James  07 Apr 1874Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland I957
29 Frisken, James  15 Jul 1861Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland I4733
30 Frisken, Janet Mitchell  13 Feb 1864Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland I2078
31 Frisken, Jemima Ann Elizabeth  07 Feb 1882Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland I3801
32 Frisken, Margaret Jane  29 Aug 1884Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland I3800
33 Frisken, William John  24 May 1887Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland I3799
34 Grant, Agnes  Abt 1876Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland I2769
35 Grant, Alexander  16 Mar 1869Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland I2289
36 Grant, Ann  Abt 1878Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland I2770
37 Grant, Elsie  Abt 1874Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland I2999
38 Grant, Elspeth  28 Sep 1872Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland I2771
39 Grant, Isabella  10 May 1870Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland I2290
40 Grant, James  15 Apr 1874Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland I876
41 Grant, Jessie  09 Jul 1881Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland I4378
42 Groundwater, Agnes Grant  26 Sep 1881Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland I3902
43 Groundwater, Alexander  16 Mar 1891Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland I1017
44 Groundwater, Alexander Bruce  18 Feb 1905Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland I4949
45 Groundwater, David  Mar 1912Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland I135
46 Groundwater, George Frisken  30 Nov 1875Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland I3899
47 Groundwater, James  05 Jan 1877Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland I3900
48 Groundwater, John Findley  25 Jun 1921Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland I2966
49 Groundwater, Margaret  14 Mar 1885Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland I3904
50 Groundwater, Russell Frisken  1933Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland I2346

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Allan, Jane Dearness  28 Mar 1917Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland I2687
2 Carr, Alison  18 Feb 1875Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland I4943
3 Cormack, James  28 Aug 1885Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland I386
4 Dearness, William  10 May 1879Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland I4789
5 Drever, Isabella  21 Jun 1878Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland I1603
6 Findlay, Joan  03 Dec 1982Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland I1418
7 Frisken, Agnes Brown  18 Dec 1929Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland I903
8 Frisken, Alexander McLennan  05 Feb 1879Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland I1168
9 Frisken, George  28 Jun 1945Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland I188
10 Frisken, George  20 Mar 1975Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland I2538
11 Frisken, James  05 Apr 1895Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland I2897
12 Frisken, Jane  21 May 1929Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland I431
13 Frisken, Jessie Ann Liddle  15 Mar 1972Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland I4194
14 Frisken, Mary  24 Sep 1917Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland I2005
15 Grant, Alexander  14 Sep 1904Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland I2288
16 Grant, James  1875Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland I876
17 Groundwater, Alexander  12 Mar 1964Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland I1017
18 Groundwater, Alexander Bruce  11 Nov 1969Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland I4949
19 Groundwater, David  21 May 1912Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland I135
20 Groundwater, George Louttit  12 Jul 1969Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland I945
21 Groundwater, John  18 Feb 1911Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland I4388
22 Groundwater, Margaret  13 Mar 1964Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland I3904
23 Groundwater, Russell Frisken  03 Sep 2008Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland I2346
24 Groundwater, William  14 Mar 1965Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland I1237
25 Lennie, Catherine  1950Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland I1525
26 Miller, Margaret  06 Apr 1862Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland I4271
27 Ross, Sinclair  05 Aug 1959Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland I463
28 Skea, Margaret  18 Apr 1931Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland I638
29 Skea, Mary  1949Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland I2809
30 Slater, John Murray  02 May 1940Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland I3964
31 Slater, Ronald Frisken  1979Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland I4534
32 Slater, William Grant  08 Dec 1901Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland I3607
33 Smith, Eliza Bruce  29 Jul 1918Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland I1614
34 Tough, Margaret  21 Nov 1915Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland I1253
35 Wilson, James  11 Jun 1913Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland I4107
36 Wilson, Margaret  04 Feb 1925Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland I4675
37 Yorston, Matilda Flett  12 Jan 1957Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland I1785


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Bichan, Mary  Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland I3824
2 Skea, William  Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland I2540
3 Skea, William  Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland I3439


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 Cormack, Elizabeth  14 Feb 1836Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland I2062
2 Cormack, George  25 Aug 1833Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland I641
3 Cormack, Helen  14 Jul 1850Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland I448
4 Cormack, Isabella  13 Mar 1831Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland I2762
5 Cormack, James  28 May 1826Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland I2279
6 Cormack, Jean  01 Jun 1828Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland I89
7 Cormack, John  25 Apr 1841Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland I205
8 Cormack, Robert  12 May 1844Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland I4704
9 Cormack, William  05 Feb 1854Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland I575
10 Flett, Margaret  22 Nov 1847Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland I4326
11 Wilson, James  16 Mar 1827Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland I4107
12 Wilson, Rebecca  06 Jun 1830Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland I1058
13 Wilson, Thomas  20 Mar 1836Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland I4433


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Frisken, George Barclay  1881Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland I1280
2 Shearer, Margaret  Abt 1830Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland I2343


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Allan, Catherine Frisken  1881Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland I3457
2 Allan, Catherine Frisken  1891Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland I3457
3 Allan, William  1871Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland I1827
4 Allan, William  1881Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland I1827
5 Bews, Rebecca  1841Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland I3227
6 Cormack, Elizabeth  1841Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland I2062
7 Cormack, Elizabeth  1851Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland I2062
8 Cormack, Elizabeth  1861Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland I2062
9 Cormack, George  1841Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland I641
10 Cormack, Helen  1851Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland I448
11 Cormack, Helen  1871Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland I448
12 Cormack, Isabella  1851Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland I2762
13 Cormack, James  1841Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland I386
14 Cormack, James  1851Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland I386
15 Cormack, James  1861Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland I386
16 Cormack, James  1871Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland I386
17 Cormack, James  1881Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland I386
18 Cormack, Jean  1841Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland I89
19 Cormack, John  1841Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland I205
20 Cormack, John  1851Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland I205
21 Cormack, Robert  1851Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland I4704
22 Cormack, Thomas  1841Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland I4563
23 Cormack, William  1851Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland I1442
24 Drever, Isabella  1841Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland I1603
25 Drever, Isabella  1851Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland I1603
26 Drever, Isabella  1861Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland I1603
27 Drever, Isabella  1871Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland I1603
28 Frisken, Mary  1881Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland I2005
29 Frisken, Mary  1891Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland I2005
30 Peace, Jane  1851Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland I3293
31 Skea, William  1851Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland I3439
32 Tough, Margaret  1911Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland I1253
33 Wilson, James  1841Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland I4107
34 Wilson, James  1911Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland I4107
35 Wilson, Margaret  1851Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland I4675
36 Wilson, Rebecca  1841Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland I1058
37 Wilson, Rebecca  1851Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland I1058
38 Wilson, Thomas  1841Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland I4433


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Allan / Frisken  26 Dec 1872Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland F503
2 Doran / Frisken  1925Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland F1212
3 Frisken / Wilson  20 Jul 1876Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland F787
4 Frisken / Yorston  21 Oct 1913Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland F54
5 Grant / Miller  07 Oct 1861Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland F616
6 Groundwater / Grieve  1975Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland F631
7 Groundwater / Smith  06 Dec 1900Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland F1016
8 Guthrie / Laughton  29 Apr 1890Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland F1236
9 McLennan / Wilson  06 Mar 1871Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland F860
10 Reid / Groundwater  28 Feb 1912Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland F226
11 Ross / Groundwater  03 Dec 1920Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland F123
12 Walls / Garson  11 May 1876Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland F1037
13 Wilson / Tough  06 Dec 1849Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland F1080

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