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Fulham, London, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Baxter, Wilfred John  18 Jan 1888Fulham, London, England I316
2 Coles, Freda Florrie  30 Oct 1907Fulham, London, England I2817
3 Davies, Isobel Florence  20 Jul 1906Fulham, London, England I257
4 Frisken, Daisy Dorothy  28 Jul 1899Fulham, London, England I4935
5 Frisken, Lily Eleanor  26 Nov 1897Fulham, London, England I524
6 Frisken, Sidney John  10 Sep 1905Fulham, London, England I4247
7 Frisken, William Albert  22 Aug 1903Fulham, London, England I523
8 Hedderley, Lilian Eleanor  03 Mar 1903Fulham, London, England I3339
9 Hedderley, May Marion  12 Jul 1884Fulham, London, England I579
10 Hedderley, Minnie Emmeline  26 Feb 1887Fulham, London, England I2403
11 Hedderly, Eleanor Esther Elizabeth  Jul 1882Fulham, London, England I4825
12 Hedderly, Grace Winifred  09 Apr 1897Fulham, London, England I4762
13 Hedderly, John Alfred  21 Aug 1889Fulham, London, England I580
14 Hedderly, Violet Constance  02 Apr 1895Fulham, London, England I4763
15 Hedderly, William George  Jan 1892Fulham, London, England I4764
16 Platt, James E  09 Nov 1888Fulham, London, England I3410
17 Rugg-Easey, David Leonard  28 Oct 1917Fulham, London, England I3779
18 Rugg-Easey, Eric  Jun 1925Fulham, London, England I3777
19 Thorp, Marion Myrtle  Apr 1907Fulham, London, England I3366
20 Thorp, Muriel Ivy  13 Jan 1915Fulham, London, England I846


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Frisken, John George  01 Oct 1894Fulham, London, England I4940
2 Frisken, Mary Hannah Perry  Dec 1923Fulham, London, England I2767
3 Hedderley, Alfred  Sep 1922Fulham, London, England I576
4 Hedderly, Eleanor Esther Elizabeth  20 Nov 1889Fulham, London, England I4825
5 Platt, James  Jan 1894Fulham, London, England I2499
6 Porter, Esther  Jul 1898Fulham, London, England I3397
7 Smith, Eleanor  22 Nov 1902Fulham, London, England I4941


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Rugg-Easey, David Leonard  29 Oct 1917Fulham, London, England I3779


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Baker, Florence  1939Fulham, London, England I102
2 Coles, Fred  1939Fulham, London, England I101
3 Coles, Freda Florrie  02 Apr 1911Fulham, London, England I2817
4 Frisken, Sidney John  1939Fulham, London, England I4247


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Allen, Alderman Gilbert Frisken  1881Fulham, London, England I2053
2 Allen, Ethel Gertrude  1881Fulham, London, England I2054
3 Baker, Florence  02 Apr 1911Fulham, London, England I102
4 Baxter, Alfred E.  1881Fulham, London, England I7
5 Baxter, Arthur J  1901Fulham, London, England I1946
6 Baxter, Arthur R  1871Fulham, London, England I936
7 Baxter, Arthur R  1881Fulham, London, England I936
8 Baxter, Arthur R  1891Fulham, London, England I936
9 Baxter, Charlotte Emily  1871Fulham, London, England I1454
10 Baxter, Charlotte Emily  1881Fulham, London, England I1454
11 Baxter, Charlotte Emily  1891Fulham, London, England I1454
12 Baxter, James Frisken  1871Fulham, London, England I3715
13 Baxter, James Frisken  1881Fulham, London, England I3715
14 Baxter, James Frisken  1901Fulham, London, England I3715
15 Baxter, James Frisken  1904Fulham, London, England I3715
16 Baxter, James Frisken  1905Fulham, London, England I3715
17 Baxter, John Thomas  1871Fulham, London, England I1455
18 Baxter, John Thomas  1881Fulham, London, England I1455
19 Baxter, Samuel Henry  1871Fulham, London, England I4223
20 Baxter, Samuel Henry  1881Fulham, London, England I4223
21 Baxter, Thomas  1871Fulham, London, England I3707
22 Baxter, Thomas  1881Fulham, London, England I3707
23 Baxter, Thomas  1891Fulham, London, England I3707
24 Baxter, Thomas  1901Fulham, London, England I3707
25 Baxter, Thomas Eustace  1901Fulham, London, England I1945
26 Coles, Fred  02 Apr 1911Fulham, London, England I101
27 Easey, Dunnell  1891Fulham, London, England I932
28 Easey, Joseph William Samuel  1891Fulham, London, England I931
29 Easey, Joseph William Samuel  1901Fulham, London, England I931
30 Easey, Louisa Francis  1891Fulham, London, England I933
31 Easey, Louisa Francis  1901Fulham, London, England I933
32 Easey, Martha Louisa Ellen  1891Fulham, London, England I934
33 Easey, Martha Louisa Ellen  1901Fulham, London, England I934
34 Frisken, Daisy Dorothy  1901Fulham, London, England I4935
35 Frisken, Daisy Dorothy  1929Fulham, London, England I4935
36 Frisken, Daisy Dorothy  1962Fulham, London, England I4935
37 Frisken, Elizabeth Sarah  1881Fulham, London, England I3960
38 Frisken, Elizabeth Sarah  1891Fulham, London, England I3960
39 Frisken, Elizabeth Sarah  1901Fulham, London, England I3960
40 Frisken, Harriett Emma  1871Fulham, London, England I2265
41 Frisken, Harriett Emma  1881Fulham, London, England I2265
42 Frisken, Harriett Emma  1891Fulham, London, England I2265
43 Frisken, John George  1881Fulham, London, England I4939
44 Frisken, John George  1881Fulham, London, England I4940
45 Frisken, John George  1885Fulham, London, England I4939
46 Frisken, John George  1891Fulham, London, England I4940
47 Frisken, Mary Hannah Perry  1881Fulham, London, England I2767
48 Frisken, Mary Hannah Perry  1891Fulham, London, England I2767
49 Frisken, Mary Hannah Perry  1901Fulham, London, England I2767
50 Frisken, Mary Hannah Perry  02 Apr 1911Fulham, London, England I2767

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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Baxter / Penney  02 Nov 1885Fulham, London, England F1113
2 Baxter / West  Apr 1900Fulham, London, England F965
3 Baxter / Witney  Jul 1884Fulham, London, England F964
4 Coles / Baker  Apr 1906Fulham, London, England F36
5 Efford / Hedderly  02 Aug 1919Fulham, London, England F456
6 Frisken / Nelson  Apr 1896Fulham, London, England F348
7 Hedderly / Hancock  Oct 1911Fulham, London, England F154
8 Mitchell / Hedderly  06 Mar 1915Fulham, London, England F1130
9 Thorp / Hedderley  23 Sep 1905Fulham, London, England F557

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