the Frisken family

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Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Barclay, Alexander  17 Feb 1928Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland I5091
2 Barclay, Daniel  04 Jul 1925Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland I5083
3 Barclay, Janet Hogg  05 Jan 1921Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland I5080
4 Barclay, Joseph Thomas  28 Mar 1923Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland I5078
5 Brown, Euphemia  Abt 1817Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland I1608
6 Bryden, Elisabeth  22 Nov 1795Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland I4190
7 Campbell, Henry John  Abt 1833Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland I3599
8 Catto, Annie L  Abt 1881Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland I4480
9 Catto, Gertrude  Abt 1892Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland I3756
10 Catto, Helen  Abt 1887Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland I4498
11 Catto, Isabella Marjory  Abt 1880Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland I2968
12 Catto, Jane  Abt 1879Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland I4481
13 Catto, Laura  Abt 1884Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland I4499
14 Catto, Thomas  Abt 1894Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland I3757
15 Colston, Jessie Roberta  1881Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland I4216
16 Combe, Jessie  Abt 1892Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland I499
17 Cossar, Susan  1832Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland I4357
18 Frisken, Agnes  27 Nov 1737Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland I1382
19 Frisken, Ann  07 Jun 1766Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland I4594
20 Frisken, James  Sep 1907Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland I536
21 Frisken, John George Flett  14 Feb 1904Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland I839
22 Frisken, William Fergie  1905Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland I4550
23 Friskin, Agnes  02 Mar 1799Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland I4455
24 Friskin, Elizabeth  19 Sep 1803Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland I2955
25 Friskin, Susan  04 Mar 1802Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland I233
26 Grant, Henry Montreser  21 Apr 1859Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland I528
27 Grant, Henry Montresor  12 Sep 1888Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland I1720
28 Grant, William  03 Sep 1886Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland I1722
29 Ireland, Elizabeth  Abt 1852Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland I2775
30 Ireland, Margaret  Abt 1848Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland I2596
31 Ireland, Robert  Abt 1819Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland I2598
32 Ireland, Robert  Abt 1850Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland I2776
33 Ireland, William J  Abt 1854Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland I2774
34 Kennedy, Charles Ingram  08 Oct 1862Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland I540
35 Kennedy, Robert Copeland  17 Jan 1864Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland I3463
36 Laidlaw, Agnes C  Abt 1890Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland I3826
37 Laidlaw, James C  Abt 1888Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland I3828
38 Lawrie, Mary  1811Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland I1820
39 Leadbetter, George  Abt 1822Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland I3333
40 Leadbetter, Helen Frisken  1879Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland I3857
41 Leadbetter, Rachel  Abt 1884Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland I3858
42 Lothian, James  Abt 1882Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland I2063
43 Miller, Margaret Frisken  05 Apr 1939Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland I5050
44 Moggie, Matilda  25 Feb 1901Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland I5086
45 Muir, Elizabeth Lawrie  1832Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland I2794
46 Paulin, Catherine Smith Moodie  05 Sep 1929Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland I5092
47 Penny, Jane Robertson  24 Dec 1893Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland I372
48 Penny, Peter  Abt 1896Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland I4885
49 Rae, Gilbert  Abt 1893Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland I3974
50 Rae, John Frisken  1898Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland I3970

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Barclay, Joseph Paterson  30 Oct 1993Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland I5087
2 Barclay, Margaret  Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland I5081
3 Barclay, Thomas Charles  02 Jan 1920Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland I5079
4 Bilton, Catherine  31 Jul 1902Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland I2404
5 Bilton, Christopher  10 Dec 1890Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland I2173
6 Bilton, John  07 Nov 1911Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland I818
7 Carr, Sarah  21 Jul 1922Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland I2433
8 Colston, Jessie Roberta  1929Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland I4216
9 Combe, Agnes Frisken  01 Jan 1963Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland I512
10 Eckford, Isabella Gray  1981Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland I1439
11 Falconer, George  01 Jun 1935Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland I1552
12 Foubister, David  Abt 1942Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland I1140
13 Frisken, James  25 Feb 1908Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland I536
14 Frisken, James  13 Oct 1951Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland I2858
15 Frisken, Joan Lang  1999Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland I4172
16 Frisken, Joanna  03 May 1918Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland I3503
17 Frisken, John Rae Moore  24 Feb 1936Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland I370
18 Frisken, Peter  1957Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland I4188
19 Gillies, Thomas  23 Aug 1948Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland I867
20 Glover, Walter  18 Jun 1941Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland I3989
21 Grant, Isabella  04 Nov 1971Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland I3693
22 Ingram, Elizabeth  1883Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland I90
23 Ingram, Mary Ann  1863Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland I1965
24 Johnston, David Frisken  1998Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland I882
25 Kennedy, Charles Ingram  1868Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland I540
26 Kent, Margaret Fairie  18 Feb 1920Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland I1398
27 Laidlaw, Mary  08 Apr 1937Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland I5084
28 Mills, Elizabeth  15 May 1884Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland I95
29 Moggie, Matilda  12 Sep 1948Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland I5086
30 Mowat, Mary Frisken  2002Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland I3730
31 Prentice, James  15 Sep 1934Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland I21
32 Reid, David  1965Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland I1054
33 Rowan, Adam Frisken  2005Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland I2350
34 Taylor, Thomas  27 Mar 1915Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland I1215
35 Thomson, Agnes  2000Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland I2799
36 Thomson, Elizabeth Bell  1999Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland I3619
37 Thomson, Helen Jane  2004Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland I2369
38 Thomson, Joan Rutherford  1997Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland I2455
39 Turner, Catherine Frisken  13 Oct 1953Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland I4750
40 Watt, Catherine Frisken Carr  Jun 1901Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland I768
41 Watts, Ellen Frisken  2003Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland I2107
42 Young, Helen  06 Feb 1884Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland I437


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 Frisken, Agnes  30 Nov 1737Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland I1382
2 Friskin, Agnes  Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland I4455


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Friskin, Elizabeth  1841Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland I2955
2 Friskin, Susan  1841Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland I233
3 Lothian, Adam  1861Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland I3340


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Barclay / Laidlaw  08 Jan 1892Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland F1475
2 Barclay / Moggie  17 Sep 1920Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland F1474
3 Barclay / Paulin  22 Jun 1951Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland F1472
4 Beruldsen / Cairns  1879Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland F636
5 Charles / Friskin  23 May 1809Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland F592
6 Combe / Barclay  19 Jun 1886Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland F287
7 Frisken / Grant  28 Sep 1914Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland F991
8 Frisken / Henderson  13 Apr 1914Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland F1107
9 Frisken / Reid  11 Oct 1901Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland F1222
10 Friskin / Muir  24 Jan 1865Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland F816
11 Herriot / Johnston  10 Feb 1817Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland F68
12 Hope / Lorimer  1970Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland F421
13 Keith / Stout  20 Nov 1920Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland F493
14 Kennedy / Ingram  02 Dec 1861Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland F814
15 Laidlaw / Combe  24 Mar 1884Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland F782
16 Miller / Frisken  1937Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland F941
17 Prentice / Turner  07 Jun 1907Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland F8
18 Scoular / Cumming  16 May 1862Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland F366
19 Tait / Catto  09 Jul 1914Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland F29
20 Watts / Moody  30 Mar 1907Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland F1278

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