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Dunse, Berwickshire, Scotland



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Cockburn, Alexander  17 Sep 1724Dunse, Berwickshire, Scotland I1374
2 Cockburn, Alexander  15 Apr 1750Dunse, Berwickshire, Scotland I3377
3 Cockburn, Elizabeth  06 Jul 1753Dunse, Berwickshire, Scotland I3375
4 Cockburn, Thomas  06 May 1757Dunse, Berwickshire, Scotland I1262
5 Cockburn, William  01 Feb 1756Dunse, Berwickshire, Scotland I3376
6 Friskein, Margrat  1621Dunse, Berwickshire, Scotland I4330
7 Friskein, Niniane  1598Dunse, Berwickshire, Scotland I2836
8 Friskein, Niniane  1625Dunse, Berwickshire, Scotland I2875
9 Frisken, Alison  1668Dunse, Berwickshire, Scotland I1508
10 Frisken, Alison  1719Dunse, Berwickshire, Scotland I2982
11 Frisken, Ann  18 Jul 1791Dunse, Berwickshire, Scotland I2214
12 Frisken, James  1671Dunse, Berwickshire, Scotland I153
13 Frisken, James  18 Nov 1910Dunse, Berwickshire, Scotland I4829
14 Frisken, Janet  1673Dunse, Berwickshire, Scotland I2220
15 Frisken, Jean  1677Dunse, Berwickshire, Scotland I2206
16 Frisken, Jennet  1619Dunse, Berwickshire, Scotland I4013
17 Frisken, John  1680Dunse, Berwickshire, Scotland I506
18 Frisken, John  1808Dunse, Berwickshire, Scotland I274
19 Frisken, Johne  07 Nov 1671Dunse, Berwickshire, Scotland I299
20 Frisken, Margaret Whitelaw  04 May 1913Dunse, Berwickshire, Scotland I4199
21 Frisken, Ninian  27 Jan 1621Dunse, Berwickshire, Scotland I4540
22 Friskene, Johne  1661Dunse, Berwickshire, Scotland I129
23 Friskene, Niniane  1656Dunse, Berwickshire, Scotland I757
24 Friskin, Jane  19 Jul 1781Dunse, Berwickshire, Scotland I2447
25 Friskin, John  1726Dunse, Berwickshire, Scotland I4661
26 Friskin, Margaret  1780Dunse, Berwickshire, Scotland I828
27 Friskin, William  1726Dunse, Berwickshire, Scotland I2856
28 Friskin, William  02 Nov 1783Dunse, Berwickshire, Scotland I322
29 Friskine, Isobel  13 Apr 1721Dunse, Berwickshire, Scotland I2190
30 Houliston, Alexander  Abt 1850Dunse, Berwickshire, Scotland I1232
31 Kay, Christen  09 Aug 1719Dunse, Berwickshire, Scotland I1372
32 Paulin, Margaret  24 May 1835Dunse, Berwickshire, Scotland I2137
33 Richardson, Jane  Abt 1870Dunse, Berwickshire, Scotland I3957
34 Richardson, Jessie  Abt 1875Dunse, Berwickshire, Scotland I3955
35 Richardson, Mary  Abt 1877Dunse, Berwickshire, Scotland I3956
36 Richardson, Robert  Abt 1881Dunse, Berwickshire, Scotland I3951
37 Wilson, Janet  Abt 1845Dunse, Berwickshire, Scotland I3464


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Bell, Mary  07 Jun 1834Dunse, Berwickshire, Scotland I704
2 Falconer, Beatrice  02 Jan 1858Dunse, Berwickshire, Scotland I2899
3 Friskein, Niniane  Dunse, Berwickshire, Scotland I2875
4 Frisken, Ann  24 Dec 1847Dunse, Berwickshire, Scotland I2214
5 Frisken, James  23 Nov 1909Dunse, Berwickshire, Scotland I1320
6 Frisken, Jennet  Dunse, Berwickshire, Scotland I4013
7 Paulin, Eleanor Helen  02 Dec 1910Dunse, Berwickshire, Scotland I2135
8 Paulin, Elizabeth  23 Dec 1858Dunse, Berwickshire, Scotland I2136


Matches 1 to 16 of 16

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 Friskein, Margrat  11 Nov 1621Dunse, Berwickshire, Scotland I4330
2 Frisken, Alison  19 Mar 1668Dunse, Berwickshire, Scotland I1508
3 Frisken, Alison  31 Mar 1719Dunse, Berwickshire, Scotland I2982
4 Frisken, Ann  12 Oct 1791Dunse, Berwickshire, Scotland I2214
5 Frisken, Catherine  13 Jan 1675Dunse, Berwickshire, Scotland I3000
6 Frisken, James  11 Feb 1671Dunse, Berwickshire, Scotland I153
7 Frisken, Janet  25 Jul 1673Dunse, Berwickshire, Scotland I2220
8 Frisken, Jean  04 Oct 1677Dunse, Berwickshire, Scotland I2206
9 Frisken, Jennet  Feb 1619Dunse, Berwickshire, Scotland I4013
10 Frisken, John  17 Oct 1680Dunse, Berwickshire, Scotland I506
11 Friskene, Johne  11 Mar 1661Dunse, Berwickshire, Scotland I129
12 Friskin, Jane  28 Jul 1781Dunse, Berwickshire, Scotland I2447
13 Friskin, John  14 Apr 1726Dunse, Berwickshire, Scotland I4661
14 Friskin, Margaret  06 Mar 1780Dunse, Berwickshire, Scotland I828
15 Friskin, William  14 Apr 1726Dunse, Berwickshire, Scotland I2856
16 Friskine, Isobel  16 Apr 1721Dunse, Berwickshire, Scotland I2190


Matches 1 to 21 of 21

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Davidson, Duncan  1871Dunse, Berwickshire, Scotland I915
2 Davidson, Duncan  1881Dunse, Berwickshire, Scotland I915
3 Davidson, Isabella Jane  1871Dunse, Berwickshire, Scotland I3063
4 Davidson, Isabella Jane  1881Dunse, Berwickshire, Scotland I3063
5 Davidson, William Brown  1871Dunse, Berwickshire, Scotland I3062
6 Davidson, William Brown  1881Dunse, Berwickshire, Scotland I3062
7 Frisken, Ann  1841Dunse, Berwickshire, Scotland I2214
8 Frisken, Eliza  1871Dunse, Berwickshire, Scotland I4254
9 Frisken, Helen  1861Dunse, Berwickshire, Scotland I49
10 Frisken, John  1841Dunse, Berwickshire, Scotland I274
11 Frisken, John  1881Dunse, Berwickshire, Scotland I274
12 Hill, Thomas  1841Dunse, Berwickshire, Scotland I2003
13 Houliston, Alexander  1851Dunse, Berwickshire, Scotland I1232
14 Houliston, William  1851Dunse, Berwickshire, Scotland I696
15 Lothian, Magdalene  1871Dunse, Berwickshire, Scotland I2008
16 Lothian, Magdalene  1881Dunse, Berwickshire, Scotland I2008
17 Lothian, Robert  1871Dunse, Berwickshire, Scotland I2674
18 Paulin, Elizabeth  1851Dunse, Berwickshire, Scotland I2136
19 Reid, David Nisbet  1881Dunse, Berwickshire, Scotland I1399
20 Reid, John  1881Dunse, Berwickshire, Scotland I998
21 Reid, Mary  1881Dunse, Berwickshire, Scotland I999


Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Friskein / Dunse  Abt 1655Dunse, Berwickshire, Scotland F777
2 Friskein / Patterson  Abt 1618Dunse, Berwickshire, Scotland F766
3 Hill / Frisken  12 Dec 1817Dunse, Berwickshire, Scotland F543
4 Lothian / Henderson  06 Dec 1872Dunse, Berwickshire, Scotland F723

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