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Gordon, Berwickshire, Scotland



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Allan, Jean  1831Gordon, Berwickshire, Scotland I3434
2 Allan, Mary  Abt 1826Gordon, Berwickshire, Scotland I1189
3 Anderson, Alison  Abt 1830Gordon, Berwickshire, Scotland I4932
4 Falconer, George  1849Gordon, Berwickshire, Scotland I1552
5 Falconer, Jane Laing  26 Feb 1894Gordon, Berwickshire, Scotland I2334
6 Falconer, Richard Frisken  05 May 1896Gordon, Berwickshire, Scotland I4448
7 Frisken, Agnes  15 Jan 1890Gordon, Berwickshire, Scotland I4186
8 Frisken, Agnes Allan  30 Dec 1863Gordon, Berwickshire, Scotland I1123
9 Frisken, Alexander  20 Apr 1891Gordon, Berwickshire, Scotland I1433
10 Frisken, Christopher Lang  23 Jun 1883Gordon, Berwickshire, Scotland I4195
11 Frisken, David Allan  15 Sep 1882Gordon, Berwickshire, Scotland I4425
12 Frisken, Helen  17 Jan 1858Gordon, Berwickshire, Scotland I1839
13 Frisken, Helen Rutherford Lang  15 Oct 1881Gordon, Berwickshire, Scotland I4185
14 Frisken, Jane  22 May 1862Gordon, Berwickshire, Scotland I1120
15 Frisken, Joan  26 Aug 1865Gordon, Berwickshire, Scotland I4291
16 Frisken, John  07 Aug 1880Gordon, Berwickshire, Scotland I617
17 Frisken, Margaret  13 May 1859Gordon, Berwickshire, Scotland I1821
18 Frisken, Mary  15 Dec 1854Gordon, Berwickshire, Scotland I1190
19 Frisken, Mary Allan  19 Jan 1885Gordon, Berwickshire, Scotland I2741
20 Frisken, Mary Allan  13 Apr 1912Gordon, Berwickshire, Scotland I3173
21 Frisken, Peter  24 Jul 1853Gordon, Berwickshire, Scotland I616
22 Frisken, Peter  24 Mar 1886Gordon, Berwickshire, Scotland I4188
23 Frisken, Richard  17 Jun 1856Gordon, Berwickshire, Scotland I1196
24 Frisken, Richard  25 Jan 1889Gordon, Berwickshire, Scotland I1593
25 Frisken, Walter  03 Sep 1887Gordon, Berwickshire, Scotland I4187
26 Johnston, Mary Frisken  17 Jul 1911Gordon, Berwickshire, Scotland I4092
27 Thomson, James  Abt 1842Gordon, Berwickshire, Scotland I59
28 Wilson, Joseph  Abt 1860Gordon, Berwickshire, Scotland I3792
29 Wilson, Margaret  Abt 1858Gordon, Berwickshire, Scotland I3793
30 Wilson, William  Abt 1851Gordon, Berwickshire, Scotland I1787


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Allan, Jean  12 Jan 1910Gordon, Berwickshire, Scotland I3434
2 Allan, Margaret  11 Jul 1870Gordon, Berwickshire, Scotland I2931
3 Allan, Mary  19 May 1913Gordon, Berwickshire, Scotland I1189
4 Allan, Richard  02 May 1850Gordon, Berwickshire, Scotland I20
5 Allan, Richard  02 Feb 1867Gordon, Berwickshire, Scotland I1112
6 Falconer, Edward  15 Dec 1923Gordon, Berwickshire, Scotland I4520
7 Falconer, John  21 Mar 1927Gordon, Berwickshire, Scotland I3455
8 Ford, Helen  29 Mar 1850Gordon, Berwickshire, Scotland I3219
9 Frisken, Agnes Allan  17 Oct 1871Gordon, Berwickshire, Scotland I1123
10 Frisken, Alexander  09 Oct 1824Gordon, Berwickshire, Scotland I1046
11 Frisken, Alexander  30 Jun 1891Gordon, Berwickshire, Scotland I1433
12 Frisken, Jean  29 Aug 1864Gordon, Berwickshire, Scotland I3869
13 Frisken, Joan  26 Oct 1871Gordon, Berwickshire, Scotland I4291
14 Frisken, John  28 Jun 1877Gordon, Berwickshire, Scotland I1192
15 Frisken, Margaret  14 Apr 1872Gordon, Berwickshire, Scotland I1821
16 Frisken, Peter  20 May 1846Gordon, Berwickshire, Scotland I3218
17 Frisken, Richard  27 May 1889Gordon, Berwickshire, Scotland I1593
18 Frisken, Richard  17 Sep 1903Gordon, Berwickshire, Scotland I1196
19 Gagie, Mary  05 Nov 1832Gordon, Berwickshire, Scotland I4307


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 Frisken, Mary  31 Dec 1854Gordon, Berwickshire, Scotland I1190
2 Frisken, Peter  04 Sep 1853Gordon, Berwickshire, Scotland I616


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Frisken, Margaret  1858Gordon, Berwickshire, Scotland I1821
2 Frisken, Richard  Abt 1857Gordon, Berwickshire, Scotland I1196


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Frisken, Peter  15 May 1846Gordon, Berwickshire, Scotland I3218


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Allan, David  1841Gordon, Berwickshire, Scotland I1443
2 Allan, Jean  1841Gordon, Berwickshire, Scotland I3434
3 Allan, Jean  1851Gordon, Berwickshire, Scotland I3434
4 Allan, Jean  1861Gordon, Berwickshire, Scotland I3434
5 Allan, Margaret  1841Gordon, Berwickshire, Scotland I2931
6 Allan, Margaret  1851Gordon, Berwickshire, Scotland I2931
7 Allan, Margaret  1861Gordon, Berwickshire, Scotland I2931
8 Allan, Mary  1841Gordon, Berwickshire, Scotland I1189
9 Allan, Mary  1861Gordon, Berwickshire, Scotland I1189
10 Allan, Mary  1871Gordon, Berwickshire, Scotland I1189
11 Allan, Mary  1881Gordon, Berwickshire, Scotland I1189
12 Allan, Mary  1891Gordon, Berwickshire, Scotland I1189
13 Allan, Mary  1901Gordon, Berwickshire, Scotland I1189
14 Allan, Richard  1841Gordon, Berwickshire, Scotland I1112
15 Allan, Richard  1841Gordon, Berwickshire, Scotland I20
16 Allan, Richard  1851Gordon, Berwickshire, Scotland I1112
17 Allan, Richard  1861Gordon, Berwickshire, Scotland I1112
18 Falconer, Edward  1901Gordon, Berwickshire, Scotland I4520
19 Falconer, Jane Laing  1901Gordon, Berwickshire, Scotland I2334
20 Falconer, John  1901Gordon, Berwickshire, Scotland I439
21 Falconer, Mary Allan  1901Gordon, Berwickshire, Scotland I438
22 Ford, Helen  1841Gordon, Berwickshire, Scotland I3219
23 Frisken, Agnes  1891Gordon, Berwickshire, Scotland I4186
24 Frisken, Agnes Allan  1871Gordon, Berwickshire, Scotland I1123
25 Frisken, Christopher Lang  1891Gordon, Berwickshire, Scotland I4195
26 Frisken, David Allan  1891Gordon, Berwickshire, Scotland I4425
27 Frisken, Helen  1861Gordon, Berwickshire, Scotland I1839
28 Frisken, Helen  1871Gordon, Berwickshire, Scotland I1839
29 Frisken, Helen Rutherford Lang  1891Gordon, Berwickshire, Scotland I4185
30 Frisken, James  1841Gordon, Berwickshire, Scotland I1130
31 Frisken, James  1851Gordon, Berwickshire, Scotland I1130
32 Frisken, Jane  1871Gordon, Berwickshire, Scotland I1120
33 Frisken, Jean  1841Gordon, Berwickshire, Scotland I3869
34 Frisken, Jean  1851Gordon, Berwickshire, Scotland I3869
35 Frisken, Joan  02 Apr 1871Gordon, Berwickshire, Scotland I4291
36 Frisken, John  1841Gordon, Berwickshire, Scotland I1192
37 Frisken, John  1851Gordon, Berwickshire, Scotland I1192
38 Frisken, John  1861Gordon, Berwickshire, Scotland I1192
39 Frisken, John  1871Gordon, Berwickshire, Scotland I1192
40 Frisken, John  1881Gordon, Berwickshire, Scotland I617
41 Frisken, John  1891Gordon, Berwickshire, Scotland I617
42 Frisken, Margaret  1861Gordon, Berwickshire, Scotland I1821
43 Frisken, Margaret  1871Gordon, Berwickshire, Scotland I1821
44 Frisken, Mary  1861Gordon, Berwickshire, Scotland I1190
45 Frisken, Mary  1901Gordon, Berwickshire, Scotland I1190
46 Frisken, Mary Allan  1891Gordon, Berwickshire, Scotland I2741
47 Frisken, Peter  1841Gordon, Berwickshire, Scotland I3218
48 Frisken, Peter  1861Gordon, Berwickshire, Scotland I616
49 Frisken, Peter  1871Gordon, Berwickshire, Scotland I616
50 Frisken, Peter  1881Gordon, Berwickshire, Scotland I616

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Matches 1 to 5 of 5

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Allan / Gagie  20 Jun 1823Gordon, Berwickshire, Scotland F298
2 Falconer / Frisken  12 Feb 1880Gordon, Berwickshire, Scotland F1184
3 Frisken / Ford  05 Apr 1805Gordon, Berwickshire, Scotland F859
4 Lambert / Frisken  07 Jun 1889Gordon, Berwickshire, Scotland F282
5 Sanderson / Falconer  24 Apr 1925Gordon, Berwickshire, Scotland F369

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